Important Search Engine Ranking Factors

One fact that we can all agree on is that understanding Search Engine ranking and the factors that effect how easily your website can be found are ambiguous at best, and downright

confusing, particularly for a business just beginning to develop an SEO strategy. Over the coming weeks we will be explaining some of the important factors that influence your search engine ranking. In this lesson we will take a look at the first factor, which many SEO strategists would consider to be the most important.

The number one consideration that any business owner should have if they are optimising their website to be found by search engines is your site must contain quality and relevent content. Google is providing a service to its customers who are searching for specific information. And it does this by periodically analysing the content of your site and recording their own list of keywords that it has deduced are important factors about your site content.

Inbound Links

Nothing provides Search Engines with a better indication of a quality site than many links throughout the internet that direct people to your site. Therefore you can't just have a friend drop a link to your site onto their webpage as the other important factor at play is how relevant the content is at the link location to your website and also how credible to linking site is. For instance, you may be a florist and a friend who has a motor mechanic business agrees to link from his business site to yours. This is good however there is not a great deal of relevance between fixing cars and selling flower arrangments. However, if the link was to be on the interflora main Australian website, the source location suddenly has relevance and most importantly, great credibility. Google understands that there is no way that Interflora are not going to have anything but the most important and credible links on their website.