Customer Focus

All your community management and email marketing tools, integrated seamlessly with your website.

Our websites capture and keep leads, acting as a powerful hub for marketing and on-going communication.

Import Your Existing User Database

Importing your existing user database is easy with our import tools, which allow you to import contacts generated offline, as well as existing user databases. Most popular email marketing tools allow you to export your database via an XML or CSV file, allowing an easy import into the Yellow Frog solution.

Subscription Forms and Lead Generation

You can capture new member data through a variety of growth tools, including Subscription Forms, Contact Us Forms, e-mail correspondence and E-mail Piping. Whenever a user enters data on your site, you are given the necessary details to begin effective marketing campaigns.

"Name Squeeze" Feature

Our "Name Squeeze" function allows you to restrict access to certain content until the user has registered with the website. This tool is useful for building an email marketing database through the use of interesting website content or videos and can also be used to implement payed content.

Comprehensive User Activity Feed

While inside a members profile, the Activity Feed allows you to view a 360 degree view of all activities and interactions with that customer. For instance, you can see: when the member has visited your site, which products they've bought, which e-mail marketing messages they've received, the list goes on. You can also record your own custom correspondence into the c ustomers activity feed, for example a phone conversation.

Segment Your Database with Groups

Splitting your member database into groups is important for both management and marketing purposes. Members can be added to groups automatically by completing certain forms or performing other defined actions on the website. You can also use these groups to send highly targeted offers by email. Marketing can be written to a more defined audience, making email marketing easier and more effective.

Detailed User Statistics

View detailed membership growth graphs and add annotations to learn what works and what doesn't.