The Yellow Frog solution promotes beautiful, modern design, no matter what your skill level.

Whether this is your first website, or you're an experienced designer; our solution has all the tools you need to create a stunning website.

Designer / Developer Friendly

Create your own design or bring in your own experienced web designer. Experienced users have full access to source code and can customise everything, without limitations. Synergy 8 has been built with web designers and developers in mind.

Make simple, system wide changes

Don't settle for editing in a 'white box' with unstyled headings and content. Enjoy creating your content exactly as it appears on your website. The editor displays your content inside your website or email template so you can see how text flows on the page for more control. This eliminates the need for guessing or flicking between pages to see your latest changes.

Mobile and tablet compatible

Quickly pop open the "Attached Media" tab and upload from your desktop. You can then drag and drop your media into position on the page. This works for all types of media including images, video, audio, documents, PDFs and more. Further, video and audio can be dragged to be embedded in a player. Third party integration allows you use services like Issuu to embed documents in a 'flip book' reader.