Everything you need to run a successful online store.

Monetise your website with a fully featured online store. The Yellow Frog e-commerce suite includes an array of robust sales and analysis tools.

No Transaction / Sale Fees

We will never impose fees for selling your products. Apart from the fees you pay for payment processing to your payment gateway and bank, we will never impose a fee for selling your products. Your success is yours.

Create a Catalogue

Quickly build a complete catalogue of your online products. An Unlimited number of products are supported and can be grouped by categories and brands. Easily search for products or use a tree hierachy to find and manage product details, prices and images.

Variety of Shipping and Payment Methods

Choose from a range of shipping pricing schemes and methods including fixed, percentage or weight based algorithms. Alternatively develop your own custom shipping algorithm or method. Collect payment via PayPal, credit card, and a variety of offline payment options.

Inventory Management

The ecommerce suite includes a number of useful features for managing stock inventory levels. Keep stock counts on a per-part basis and get notified by e-mail when a stock level falls below a specified threshold. Each product can consist of several SKUs.

Payment and Fulfilment

Keep track of your payment and order processing and quickly see which orders have been paid, or are still unpaid and those which are unshipped, packed, or shipped. Record tracking numbers of shipped orders and automatically send your customer notification e-mails.

Manual Sales Function

Keep all sales information and tracking details under the same system by entering offline sales manually. You can also record offline payments via the EFTPOS or cash payment methods.

Discounts and Coupons

Our solution features one of the most powerful discount engines for an online shop. Synergy 8 allows for discounts which can be restricted to only members of a certain group, time period or users with a coupon code. Restrictions can be placed to ensure multiple discounts don't stack and discounts can also be applied to specific products, categories or brands.

Affiliate Marketing

Generate more sales by marketing your website through other businesses on a commission basis. Your affiliate uses a unique URL, which is email to their entire database or placed on their website. Over time, commission is tracked and recorded based on visits, members and sales. When your affiliate requests their commission, you pay it and record it all through Synergy 8.