The Yellow Frog solution features a wide array of marketing tools useful for growing your online business.

Take advantage of the same features and functionalities offered by the leading email marketing suites, all integrated within your website with our intuitive control panel.

Easy e-mail creation and personalisation

Start with a pre-built e-mail marketing design and just add content. Then drag and drop special tags such as 'First Name' and 'Last Name' to 'mail-merge' it with personalised information. Synergy 8's e-mail marketing system also uses our custom-built editor which makes the creation of content so easy.

Pre-send spam analysis

Increase your delivery rate by testing your e-mail message content against common spam filters. Get a listing of words which may be considered as spam, and those which are not. Adjust your content to ensure it gets delivered.

Automated bounce handling

Allow your users to opt-out of your e-mails through the addition of a simple link in your email. During this process, your site prompts for a reason as to why users are unsubscribing. This provides good insight into why your users may be opting out. You can also configure an email address such as unsubscribe@yourdomain to automatically unsubscribe senders.

Send to targeted groups

Use community groups to send highly targeted offers by email. Your emails can be written to a more defined audience, so they will be easier to write and more effective. You can also filter sends based on field data of recipients. For instance, you can send to subscribers within a specific post-code range.

Detailed statistics and analytics

For every send, see detailed statistics on email reads, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes. Click statistics are contextual, which means you view the statistics displayed over the top of the original email, rather than view a hard to understand table or graph. View click statistics on a 'per-link' basis, forming a list of members who have clicked on a specific link for a highly qualified list of members interested in a specific topic.