The Yellow Frog website solution provides bank grade security

All websites are vulnerable to attack. Our solution provides 6 levels of security to safeguard you and your customers data.

1. Intrusion detection system

Each packet of data is individually inspected for common threats. If a suspicious packet is detected, the IP address of the sender is blocked from the network.

2. Network firewall

The solution only allows connections to valid services such as web servers and email servers. Connections are not allowed to database servers or internal administration.

3. Web applications firewall

Protects against common web vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, Cross site scripting and remote file inclusions.

4. Individual web server protection

Each individual client web server is protected with its own individual firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware software.

5. Restricted internal network

The internal hosting environment network is highly restricted for backups, authentication, time synchonisation, Logging and adminsitration. The entire site is scanned quarterly by an external auditing company.

6. Physical site security

Access to the servers is through four security perimeters. Each access point has CCTV and is only accessible with a combination of swipe cards, PIN codes and keyed security to access the caged area that houses the servers.